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1. General Parameters
Define website URL, sitemap filename and URL, sitemap types.
2. Sitemap Entry Attributes
Pages update frequency, last modification time, priority and other attributes.
3. Miscellaneous Settings
Login and password, email notification, compression, search engines pings etc.
4. Narrow Indexed Pages Set
Exclude specific filenames, filetypes, folders etc.
5. Crawler Limitations, Finetune
Limit sitemap size, links depth level, maximum running time etc.
6. Advanced Settings
Server's IP address, session ID parameters etc.


Starting URL:

Please enter the full http address for your site, only the links within the starting directory will be included.
Save sitemap to:

Please enter complete file name, including the path. Make sure that the file is existing and has write permissions allowed.
Hint: current path to Sitemap generator is: /var/www/
Your Sitemap URL:

[-] Other Sitemap Types (click to collapse)

(*) Note that any extra sitemap type will require additional resources to complete the process
Create Text Sitemap:
Create ROR Sitemap:

It will be stored in the same folder as XML sitemap, but with different filename: ror.xml
Create HTML Sitemap:

HTML Sitemap filename (full name, with path):
Create Images Sitemap: Not available - click here to order an add-on
Create Video Sitemap: Not available - click here to order an add-on
Create News Sitemap: Not available - click here to order an add-on
Create RSS feed: Not available - click here to order an add-on
Create Mobile Sitemap:

[-] Sitemap Entry Attributes (click to collapse)

Change frequency:

This value indicates how frequently the content at a particular URL is likely to change.
Last modification:

The time the URL was last modified. You can let the generator set this field from your server's response headers or to specify your own date and time.

The priority of a particular URL relative to other pages on the same site. The value for this tag is a number between 0.0 and 1.0.
Automatic Priority:

Enable this option to automatically reduce priority depending on the page's depth level
Individual attributes:

define specific frequency and priority attributes here in the following format:
"url substring,lastupdate YYYY-mm-dd,frequency,priority".

[-] Miscellaneous Settings (click to collapse)

Require authorization to access generator interface:

Send email notifications:

Number of URLs per file in XML sitemap and maximum file size:
URLs per file, Mb per file
(that may split your sitemap on multiple files)
Number of links per page and sort order in HTML sitemap:
Compress sitemap using GZip:

Inform (ping) Search Engines upon completion (Google, Yahoo, Ask, Moreover, Live):

Send "weblogUpdate" type of Ping Notification to:
Calculate changelog:

please note that this option requires more resources to complete
Store the external links list:

this option increases memory usage
Excluding matching URLs:

[-] Narrow Indexed Pages Set (click to collapse)

Exclude from sitemap extensions:

these URLs are NOT included in sitemap
Add directly in sitemap (do not parse) extensions:

these URLs ARE included in sitemap, although not retrieved from server
Exclusion preset:

changing this setting will automatically prepopulate the options below with preset data
Exclude URLs:

do NOT include URLs that contain these substrings, one string per line
Add directly in sitemap (do not parse) URLs:

do not retrieve pages that contain these substrings in URL, but still INCLUDE them in sitemap
"Include ONLY" URLs:

leave this field empty by default. Fill it if you would like to include into sitemap ONLY those URls that match the specified string, separate multiple matches with space.
"Parse ONLY" URLs:

leave this field empty by default. Fill it if you would like to parse (crawl) ONLY those URls that match the specified string, separate multiple matches with space.

[-] Crawler Limitations, Finetune (click to collapse)

Maximum pages:

This will limit the number of pages crawled. You can enter "0" value for unlimited crawling.
Maximum depth level:
"0" for unlimited
Maximum execution time, seconds:
"0" for unlimited
Maximum memory usage, MB:
"0" for default. Note: might not work depending on the server configuration.
Save the script state, every X seconds:
this option allows to resume crawling operation if it was interrupted. "0" for no saves
Make a delay between requests, X seconds after each N requests:
s after each requests
This option allows to reduce the load on your webserver. "0" for no delay

[-] Advanced Settings (click to collapse)

Extract meta description tag

Note: this option may significantly increase memory usage and is not recommended for larger sitemaps
Purge log records older than X days:
Monitor crawler window and automaticall resume if it stops in X seconds:
Support cookies:
Maximum referred pages to store (for broken links list):

this option increases memory usage
Use IP address for crawling:

Use CURL extension for http requests:
Remove session ID from URLs:

common session parameters (separate with spaces): PHPSESSID, sid, osCsid
Custom groups for "analyze" tab:

Additional "Starting URLs":
Allow subdomains:
Progress state storage type:

try to change this option in case of memory usage issues
Minimize script memory usage:

this option may significantly increase crawling time
Show debug output when crawling:
Check for new versions of sitemap generator:
Detect canonical URL meta tags:
Enable stylesheet for XML sitemap:
Use robots.txt file:
Site uses UTF-8 charset:
Crawl Ajax content:

the site must comply with "crawlable ajax" specs
Enable last-modification time tag for "not parsed" URLs:

additional HTTP HEAD requests are required in this case